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NAWBO Desert Diamonds Award Gala

As you know, I’ve been getting to know NAWBO and particularly the NAWBO Phoenix chapter, well over the past weeks as I’ve gotten more involved. One thing I’m loving is getting to tell the stories of my fellow members. Two videos I just finished represent Young Professional of the Year nominees for the Desert Diamonds Award Gala being held at the beautiful Clayton House.

I produced a one minute teaser video for both Hera Hub Phoenix and The Sparkle Bar. Hera Hub is a shared workspace for women, founded by Shatha Barbour. The Sparkle Bar is a full service makeup and beauty studio run by Alexandra Bradberry and Leiah Scheibel. (You can check out the fun I had on each shoot and view the teaser videos soon - I’m working on a blog about them now so stay tuned!)

It’s refreshing meeting young women like them who are on the entrepreneurship journey. And these two in particular are a great reflection of the purpose of NAWBO and my passion to produce content that enables small businesses and individuals to pursue their dreams.

In a nutshell, both organizations are run by incredible young women who inspire confidence, comfort, and community in niche ways. Each of them has a unique story to tell, and their companies meet specific needs here in Phoenix to empower individuals and businesses. It’s nice meeting younger people who are following their dreams in a way that spills out to others.

Creating one minute teasers to highlight their businesses is exciting. Short teasers as a promotional videos are a perfect example of a way to get your story out there and tell the world who you are.

And since these women are up for awards, I love being able to bring their audiences into that story too. They are great representatives of the themes promoted by the upcoming Desert Diamonds Award Gala for NAWBO: collaboration and success of local community members.

So good luck to Shatha, Alex, and Leiah!


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