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3 Things I Love about Hera Hub Phoenix

As I mentioned in this blog post, I’ve been busy working on teaser videos for two great local businesses and fellow NAWBO members. Oh, and both were nominees for NAWBO’s Young Professional of the Year award! Shatha Barbour, founder of Hera Hub Phoenix, won the award this year. Hera Hub is a shared workspace for women with a spa like atmosphere.

Here are my 3 favorite takeaways from producing her teaser.

1. “My goal is that women find a place where they’re getting the resources that they need and they’re feeling empowered to become leaders.”

This is the vision of Shatha Barbour, founder of Hera Hub Phoenix. I felt that energy when I was talking to her and filming at Hera Hub. We all need support and inspiration, and you can definitely find it there. As a new entrepreneur myself, finding resources and community from people who are in the same boat as me is important. It’s great to see Shatha creating that kind of space in Phoenix.

2. “A landing space for women of all industries, backgrounds…”

Running your own business and pursuing your goals is demanding and sometimes downright crazy. I was glad to see such a comforting atmosphere and diversity of Hera Hub and the women there. It really filled a niche need, combining practical resources such as office space with the intangibles that community and diverse experiences provide.

3. “Come together, share their stories, and then connect with others.”

I get to tell stories for a living. Yes, I’m lucky! Hera Hub is a story hub, with women representing so many different backgrounds and dreams gathered together with common goals. The atmosphere there is so inviting. You can relax, but at the same time sense the passion and production of the women working in there.

Thanks to Shatha and Hera Hub for providing such an empowering community and workspace. If you haven’t already, check out the teaser or even better, visit Hera Hub yourself!

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