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I Think It’s Time

Okay, I think it’s time. Let me introduce myself.

This blog has been in the back of my mind for a long time. But as a wife, mom to five kids, and a full-time professional videographer and photographer the timing wasn’t quite right until now. It finally really came down to the classic line, “I think it’s time!”

And if I’m honest, I was hesitant diving into the whole social media thing. It seemed to be a lot of awkward self promotion.But I see now how special the space can be and the bonds that can be created through it.

I want to encourage other women out there who are just like me. (Even if I’m a little awkward in the process!)

"That’s really what this blog is about. Showing how an underdog, unlikely person can conquer the unknowns and find success along the way."

I know I’m not any different than any of you (check out my video on this here), and that is what I want to share. For me, this will be fun process, intertwining my personal and professional lives through this blog and taking you behind the scenes so you can get to know me and my work even better.

After all, the passion behind my professional videography and photography comes from a very personal place. I absolutely love visual content and the creative story flowing behind it. No project is just a project. It reflects the people, the journey, and the heart behind it. Creating a beautiful video or photo captures the life being lived.


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